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If not, go to Settings > Security > Device Administration > enable Installations from Unknown sources. GB is an abbreviation of gigabyte. One megabyte is equal to 1, kilobytes. StepNow go to back to the download folder and tap on the apk package A terabyte is the term used for 1, gigabytesStepAt first you need to download the apk package from the link above. StepMake sure the installation from unknown sources is enabled. Commercially these terms are utilized to indicate hard disk sizes “GB” is a unit of measurement for memory and storage purposes. The amount of space taken up by a movie depends on various factors, such as the movie’s length, resolution and encoding. Estimates of the space used by a movie vary between 1/3 of a gigabyte to upwards ofgigabytes One TB contains GB. GB refers to gigabytes, and TB is the standard abbreviation for terabyte in reference to computer memory capacity and file size. One gigabyte is equal to 1, megabytes.